Digital data is expected to grow 50-fold from 2010 to 2020, according to insideBIGDATA. Thanks to improved computing power and the ubiquitous cloud, AI models are now able to analyze massive amounts of data, extracting value in the process. As data continues to accumulate and more companies utilize AI, the value they’ll be able to extract will also continue to grow.

By how much? Accenture believes that by 2035, AI has the potential to boost gross value added in 16 industries by $14 trillion. Data has become the new oil and AI the new refinery.

While robo-advisors seem to be in every corner of the investment landscape, active managers still have a few cards to play. In this article, we’ll see how AI is enhancing the performance and efficiency of investment managers.

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The Challenges Facing Investment Managers In Today’s Markets

Let’s look at three challenges impacting investment manager returns in today’s markets.

Low returns — the stock market isn’t providing the kind of returns that justify the risk managers must take. In fact, equity returns are historically low. Vanguard’s economic and market out for 2019, with the subtitle ‘Down but not out,’ is looking at returns in the range of 4.5%–6.5% …


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