The Real Estate and Rental and Leasing sector comprises establishments engaged in renting, leasing, or otherwise allowing the use of tangible (real estate, equipment) or intangible assets (patents,trademarks).

Climbing Rental Prices

According to a new report by RentCafe, the average US apartment rent reached $1,436 in April 2019. That’s 3% ($42) YoY or $5 over March rent prices.

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In most cities, rents are below the national average.

  • Cities in Texas saw the lowest month over month increases.
  • Manhattan, San Francisco and Washington DC come in with big rent prices.
  • Chicago’s rents are moderate.
  • Phoenix and Las Vegas rent prices have grown 5% to 8% YoY.
  • Honolulu rent prices have risen 30% YoY and 1% MoM.
  • Los Angeles rent prices rose a startling $122 YoY.
  • Denver rent prices actually fell slightly.
  • Overall, the rental market is bullish as the economy improves. …

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