There are cases where real-time dashboards are invaluable. Knowing whether database response time is higher right now than it was a few minutes ago is incredibly useful when your site is slow, and we use real-time dashboards extensively for solving availability and performance problems at Basecamp.
Real-time dashboards considered harmful
Noah Lorang

Yes! Yes, and yes. Real time dashboards are NOT harmful. Your article title is more harmful than the dashboards. Most companies still do not have enough visibility into what is happening in their operations, and just the fact that database latency is slow does not mean much until you can see WHY it is slow. Dashboards for operations need to be built with the focus on answering these questions in mere seconds, when a problem strikes. And that makes them incredibly useful! And definitely not harmful.

While your article, when misread just by it’s title, will likely cost a downtime someone else who may not be very technical, and without putting much thought into it just turned off the dashboards that their engineering team is running so that they can focus on ‘productivity’.

Grrr. I wish Medium and other publishing sites block out all posts with “considered harmful” in the title, or those matching “N things you need (or don’t need)…” .


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