Andela Boot camp XV, Day 2

Day two at the camp and am still enthusiastic about whats ahead.

We starting with our last note for day 1… How do we share code?

There are basically many methods to share code, the method you choose depends on your purpose for sharing the code.

It can be as easy as transferring raw code via email or using complex Version controls such as git.

Version Control is system that manages changes in a document, this facilitates sharing.

What is Andela’s Expectation?




Then we were introduce to git, which was real cool, because now i feel like a world class developer, Hurray

git basic command
 *cd — change directory
 *ls — list out dir
 *ls a- list hidden files
 *mkdir name — Create a new directory called “name” in current dir
 *touch file — Create a new file called “file”
 *pwd — Shows a string of the current location
 *rm file — Delete file called “file”
 *rm -rf — Deletes a folder and deletes the folder and its contents

Python Continued — Conditional Statements, IF,ELSE,ELIF..

We learnt the basics of writing conditional statement is python, that is statements that are executed if certain condition are meet

What is OOP?

Object Oriented Programming, this is a paradigm where programs are modeled based on real life objects.

Class is a container for creating an object

simply put according to my instructor, Class is to cookies cutter (mold) as object is to the cookie it self… that’s all.

Also each object can have all its characteristics grouped as either attribute or method, eg, Car as an object, “color = red” as and attribute and “car_horn()” as a method

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