I made a game to trick Google’s AI only to find out that it seems to have biases against people of darker skin color.

The game in question is called “Is this violence? Am I too sexy?” and was initially supposed to be a nonchalant game about tricking the AI into thinking violence or sexy stuff is happening in the picture. These pictures are taken in realtime through the webcam and sent to Google Cloud Vision where it returns the possibility of violence or nudity existing in the picture. The player’s goal was to maximize this score without doing actual violence or going nude.

For those who know me, you would know that I’m that kind of person who is always cooking up a new project. This post will be one of them.

With some friends, we are starting a new initiative called Tiny Factories. It’s an online and onsite gathering of entrepreneurial designers and coders helping each other to make and ship products. This is with the aim of generating passive income in order to gain full creative autonomy.

This was all inspired by the recent trend in the rise of independent makers like Pieter Levels and Marshal Haas. …

So you bought the shiny iPhone X. Your iPhone 6 now sleeps in your closet. But…what if you can upcycle it by combining it with AI?

At the workshop held in Waag Society on December 7th 2017, we did an ideation session to “phonvert” retired smartphones with AI.

What is “phonvert”?

The word “phonvert” is a made-up word that combines phone and convert. As big corporations create new models of smartphones each year, many capable yet less desirable retired smartphones pile up.

IDC estimates that of the 1.4 …

What is street debating?

Street debating is a new job that creates a place for open dialogue on the street by making public opinion visible with coins. Street debaters use a set of scales that raises a question about a topic of public interest to evoke a friendly discussion with the passerby. Passers-by are invited to stop, engage in discussion, then put their coins on the side of the scale that represents their view. It creates an opportunity for people to break out of their own online social bubble to be challenged by people with different opinions.

This job also serves as a dignified…


*English report here




Why I started designing the act of begging


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