The payment system is the platform on which businesses are able to survive and transact amongst one another. Payment is the ultimate reward for the work businesses put in daily. It is therefore necessary that the system by which the money moves is smooth and time efficient, after all with business, time is money.

Ghana has seen its payment system improve significantly since 1997 when the MICR cheques were introduced. Nonetheless evolution carries on, the current trend in Ghana's payment system is to have people and businesses embrace the online payment phenomenon ; paying and receiving money without the baggage of tangible cash, which cash would be risky when dealing in colossal sums of currency.

Mobile money has played a big role in how the economy dictates pay across Ghana and from abroad too. MTN, Tigo and Airtel being the biggest players in the market, controlling a large chunk of businesses and people's transactions.

Objectives of the online (non physical) payment systems

  • Preventing and or containing risks in payment systems.
  • Developing an integrated electronic payment system that will enhance interoperability of payment and securities infrastructures.
  • Easy accessibility of finances by businesses on how they can access their money and having to use it at any time.
  • Eliminate the challenge of distance and boundaries thus promoting business beyond geographical demarcations.
  • Bringing efficiency to fiscal operations of the Ghana Government.

One would wonder how they would effectively integrate and transact across all the available mobile money alternatives in Ghana, with the variety of payment modes across the border without necessarily having to incur costs and facing the hustle of being a part of all the modes.

Businesses are able to pay out and receive payments through the Dusupay merchant accounts which give them the ability to receive payments through any pay system that is incorporated on its system and at the same time, paying out through Dusupay that provides a variety of options to pay using.

The benefit of this system is that no one adjusts from the system of pay they feel comfortable with, but still have access to transacting with businesses across Ghana.