What the World needs to know about Betting in Nigeria

Sport is one of the biggest money making ventures in Nigeria and the world at large, not only for those that spend time on the field but those that watch and try to anticipate statistical outcomes as well.

Sports betting is the oldest known form of gambling on the planet. In the early days, it was played only as a simple pastime activity; nowadays it’s a multi-billion dollar business from which fans and betting companies survive.

Nigeria is one of Africa's biggest and most productive economies, it has taken positively to betting. Tracking back to the period of shanty wooden houses serving as viewing centres for majority to keep in touch with sports particularly football. The love of keeping tabs on one's favorite team grew the phenomenon that is betting further, when the population realized that they can actually earn from a passion they can't get enough of, betting became an instant hit. The earliest sport betting firms recorded their first entry into the market in 2007 and as commonly said, the rest is history.

Nigerians, betting companies and the payment scheme

Nigeria has a wide selection of betting companies from which to choose for the already hungry market, some local and others international. The main mode of payment in Nigeria is the banking system and most betting companies have incorporated with online bank systems along with the card payment alternative to smoothen money movement for their clients.

The challenge however is that Nigeria's various banks and card systems differ from what the rest of the world is a accustomed to, especially with more international betting companies targeting the Nigerian market but using different money movement systems i.e distinct card systems and mobile money.

How then can the World and Nigeria work together in regards to betting

International betting companies using different modes of payment to receive money across the world should not worry about how to go about Nigeria, “....... Why?....” This is because Dusupay, which is fully functional in Nigeria, has provided a remedy through its integrations that allow betting companies around the world to receive payments from Nigeria swiftly despite the difference in pay modes.

Whether betting companies use mobile money services or other forms of pay, they can rest assured knowing that Dusupay enables them to receive money from clients at the convenience of what they are accustomed to and on the other hand, not inconveniencing customers by making them change from their online banking modes in Nigeria.