ANDELA cohort XXII Bootcamp Day 1

Apprehension? Tentativeness? Nervous? I felt a mixture of all these feelings as I awaited the kick-off call introducing my first day of bootcamp in Andela. These feelings of trepidation were further increased when issues with the video conference call caused a postponement of the call by half an hour. Eventually, the technical issues were sorted out and the conference call began, with the first thing being an introduction to the rest of the team that I would be a part of for the entirety of the week. As soon as most of the team, who all seemed to be more confident than I was, were online, we were taken through a quick, but thorough, examination of our expectations for our first week of bootcamp. The LFA (learning facilitator) assigned to us was full of enthusiasm and joy that made me look forward to joining Andela (if accepted, that is).

As soon as the call was over, I got started on the first challenge which involved UI design, agile planning, and repository setup. I am more comfortable with backend than frontend so was not looking forward to this first challenge. I was barely into the work, before I realized I only had 15 minutes to hand in the first challenge. I submitted my non aesthetic pages, and immediately put my thoughts down in this blog. I am both looking forward to and dreading Day 2 of bootcamp.

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