I managed to make it all the way to the end of the first week (yes, I know there was no elimination in this period, but I considered giving up a few times). Due to my busy schedule, I did not interact with my team as I should have (apologies if any of team alpha actually read this blog). My primary interactions were with Sylvance and Joy (are we allowed to use real names).

My first interactions with Sylvance was a bit intimidating as he was explaining the challenges he was facing in challenge 3, whereas I was only in challenge 1. From this I gathered Sylvance is one who always looks ahead and is always up for the next challenge. In spite of his desire to always meet the next challenge Sylvance was always on hand to assist the rest of us, consistently providing material to make the challenges run a lot smoother (thanks Sylvance, especially for the TravisCI resource).

Joy was another team member who was consistently available online and would answer any questions from the rest of the team. How she managed to get through the bootcamp while attending university courses is a mystery (tip of my virtual hat to you, Joy). I always thought I was an avid reader, but Joy’s reading list put me to shame (hope to catch up there as well). Another interesting thing I learnt about Joy was her love of adventuring. I would never have guessed that she would be the bungee jumping on Saturday type, but that she is.

My final word on the first week is to pass on my gratitude to our LFA Dennis Mwangi. Dennis would always answer questions at a seemingly instant pace, and provided the team with much needed guidance. His passion for Andela and coding was really infectious and was one of the reasons for me not giving up on the bootcamp. Another area which is often overlooked is organizing the team meetings, which Dennis always did in a timely manner and at everyone’s convenience(apologies for missing the standup).

That is all from me for the first week.

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