Andela Nairobi boot-camp experience day 4

Andela Boot-camp experience day 4 Days seem to fly by this week, or that’s what it looks like to me, guess that’s what happens when you’re having fun (weekends).

Day four started with the routine morning warm up exercise, on this day it was kind of different, we were divided into much smaller groups. The games were engaging and fun, I really liked the hands tangling game, so you form a circle and hold hands with your team members, the rules were you can’t hold hour immediate neighbor’s hand. The trick was you had to untangle and form a perfect circle without letting go. That was really fun and yeah our team/group managed to untangle.

After the warm ups, the boot-camp commenced, at 9.30. Day four was a really interesting day for me, we have had Andela labs, these are online programming tests, where you solve various python problems, this was really interesting since I had learned most of the python concepts in the last three days. I saw the labs as a way to test how much I had learned. Some of the labs were challenging, but I actually was really proud of myself since i managed to tackle five of the problems, the rest I had to seek for help from our instructor and my fellow boot-campers who were really helpful. I also realized that by helping other boot-campers who were stuck really helped be grasping the various concepts that I hadn’t really understood.

By the end of the day, I was really pumped that I had learnt a lot in a really short time and the hands on approach of training that was used by the instructor really does work, though I have a long way to go, this was a really good start. I am really looking forward to the next week (hopefully) at Andela.