In this article we discuss the challenges and things we learned when building a new 3D product builder, native iOS application and web platform.

Visualising online purchases in your home is difficult — especially when the item is made to order. Inspire by Crucial Trading combines 3D design, web technology with Augmented Reality — allowing you to create a beautiful bespoke rug in 3D and then place it onto any floor.

Read more about Inspire by Crucial Trading by reading our in-depth case study: Inspire by Crucial Trading

1. Should we use ARKit or ARCore

WordPress is the CMS (content management system) of choice for tens of millions of webmasters, ruling unchallenged while its significantly smaller rivals pick at the scraps that fall from its table. It is used to host almost a third of all websites in existence while enjoying a 60 per cent share of the CMS market itself.

As a fully featured, open-source CMS, WordPress can be adapted to take on any role. Meanwhile, competitors seek to outdo it in specific niches, offering less flexibility but a more focused feature set.

Shopify is one of its most prominent rivals in the online…

But whether you’re an AR enthusiast or sceptic, one thing is for certain: AR isn’t disappearing anytime soon. According to research by Lumus, the AR video game market is estimated to reach $11.6 B by 2025. AR healthcare will be worth $5.1 Billion. AR Engineering, live events, video entertainment and real estate markets will all reach the $2+ Billion mark.

How is that even possible? And what will be the consequences of living in an AR future? This is what we’ll try to predict today. But first, let’s go over the basics:

What exactly is AR?

AR or Augmented Reality is not to be…

Launched this week our all new WooCommerce AR Quick Look plugin! Find out more about AR Quick Look here:

The plugin allows all WooCommerce users to easily showcase their products in Augmented Reality.

The days of 2D product images are coming to an end, just like VHS, film camera’s, dial up internet and the Do Do 2D images are being replaced and KIJO has taken a big stride in making this happen.

The Augmented Reality (AR) revolution is coming, you only have to look at the recent moves by Apple & Google to see what the future of…

This Weeks Focus is Illustration

Welcome to our 18th Now Thats What I Call Design. For this month we will be focusing our efforts on finding the best Illustration designs across social media.

“An illustration is a drawing, painting or printed work of art which explains, clarifies, illuminates, visually represents, or merely decorates a written text, which may be of a literary or commercial nature”

For this weeks article we will be concentrating on Dribbble a creative platform well know for its diverse illustrative styles.

As always be sure to send in your favourite Illustration designs & we will include them in the next article…

Now that the World Cup hangover has finally subsided, we can officially resume normal service in what has been a hectic few weeks. In this weeks Now Thats What I Call Design we will be taking a look at some awesome VR & AR based designs.

We have scoured the Internet with the hop of finding some of the greatest examples of VR & AR in industries such as health, education and many more.

Over the next 5 years it is evident that we will be seeing a rise in AR & VR across web design, social media & everyday…

The Final of the World Cup 2018 is upon us!The Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow will host the finale to the 2018 World Cup. It’s going to be a cracker. Not only has this World Cup been an amazing, unexpected tournament. But we’ve also seen some of the best designs to come out of social media.


Welcome to our 15th edition of Now Thats What I Call Design! In this weeks edition we are dedicating this piece to the British Constructors of F1 (dating back to the 1950’s).

Just in time for the “THE FORMULA 1® 2018 ROLEX BRITISH GRAND PRIX”. Which is taking place at the home of British Racing “Silverstone”.

For those who don’t know the race takes place on Sunday 8th July at 2:10pm (BST). Practices and qualifying take place between 6th-7th July.

Now, over the last 60 years we have been treated to some of the greatest F1 cars to ever grace…

In our final week of our Now Thats What I Call Design ‘World Cup Edition’. We take a look at the branding history of the World Cup.

It is clear that over the past 10–20 years of the world cup, branding has been a huge factor in promoting the competition.

So in this article we take a look at which countries have put out the best World Cup branding & design over the last 5 competitions. Yes including this years Russia 2018 World Cup Finals.

Russia 2018

#WorldCupLogoChallenge by logoinspirations

In light of the 2018 World Cup in Russia we have been paying close attention to the vast amount of designs which have been posted across (almost) social media channels.

From awesome kit concepts to complete re-brands of national teams logos we thought it would be a great idea to pick up were we left of.


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