DJI Mavic Pro video files wrong date

DJI Mavic writes .MOV and .MP4 video files, which are perceived by many applications (like Lightroom) as shot in 1951. Why this happens is pretty clear: on the most systems (including many embedded) time starts at 01–01–1970 (so that the time “zero” corresponds to Jan 1 1970), this was inherited from the Unix operating system, so called “epoch time”. But developers of QuickTime in their infinite wisdom decided to put the beginning of time at 1904.

1970–1904 = 66 and 2017–1951 = 66. DJI developers just offset the QT timestamps in the wrong direction from the “system clock”.

It could be fixed though with the free command line utility exiftool, available for any operating system, including Windows.

exiftool "-time:all+=0::" /Path/To/Video/*.MP4

What it does is add a zero offset to the time and write it back, but since exiftool knows about QuickTime time difference, it is able to automatically fix the timestamp and by adding zero to it you just force exiftool to overwrite the file with a correct value. Exiftool leaves a backup just in case and is pretty slow, especially if you run it against files on the SD card, because it not just updates the timestamp in place, it reads the whole file and writes it back. But it works.

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