The Story Of Me

Hello Everyone!!! Happy 2022, I hope you have an amazing start to your new year!!! Todays Blog Post will just be a little introduction about myself, then I’ll share what you can expect from my blog and ask you guys a question!!

My name is Kyla Alleyne, I am a 22 year old college student and future business owner. I am a daughter, sister, auntie, grand-daughter and most importantly a sister in christ(I am a christian)

Here are 11 fun facts about myself

  1. I am the youngest out of the three of my sisters!
  2. My current five favorite hobbies in order baking/cooking, journaling, writing, painting and singing
  3. I have a four year old german sheperd
  4. I have been a christian/disciple for 6 years now(September 9th of this year will make 7 years)
  5. I am an ambivert which means that I can be both introverted and extroverted, it just depends on who I am around
  6. I am autistic, but I don’t know my autism define myself
  7. I can sort-of kinda play two instruments(Piano,Clarinet)
  8. I was in most of the creative/artistry extra-curricular classes throughout middle and high school( I was in Band,Chorus, Theatre and Ceramics)
  1. I love traveling(even though I haven’t traveled a lot lately)
  2. I love making new friend
  3. I started and owned a business last year and in the making of one more along with creating an app

What content/blog post to expect from my blog!! I will be posting lots of variety of post like College and Business Tips, Life Advice and motivational stuff!!

My question for you — — Introduce yourself and tell us at least two fun facts about yourself!!




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