Why I have Resolutions This Year

I could say last year was a great year for me; well, at least most of it. So I will go with it being awesome. But not everything good begins well. Mine did not start well. It was actually the worst start of the year I have ever had for as long as I can recall.

On Jan 5th, I was involved in a road accident that left me with a small scar below my right ear. I survived, thank God I am alive, could not be any more grateful. (And tomorrow my scar will be a year old), a good reminder of how much God loves me.

At the beginning of last year, I had no resolutions. I was in campus, my parents were supporting me, I got a higher education loan from the government, relatives used to chip in. I had no responsibilities, life was smooth. Why would one need resolutions in that case? So I went with the flow. Lived for the moment.

Even without the year’s goals, I knew that in less than a year I would be out of school. That forced me (or I forced myself) to get a part time job at a startup to gain and hone ‘one or two’ skills. Well, it was a tough run; studies plus job. I thought of quitting a few times but realized nothing comes easy. I struggled to the end, and made it in both. And it was the one of the best decisions I made last year; even without the resolutions. Of course I had a few other major and minor things I accomplished.

Looking back, I can say that having objectives at the beginning of the year and following them through during the year is very important. If there are no objectives/goals/resolutions, then one rarely grows. Why would I struggle to be good, better or to learn when there is no goal? What would a struggle without goals to achieve be for? What would I be reaching for?

This year I have my resolutions, because I can do better than last year. I made it (without an idea of where I was headed). So I have resolutions, just a few that i know are achievable, and then maybe this will be the best year of my life. So come on 2016, I am ready for you.