ENOUGH with the Fake News Media Mendacious Fear Mongering.
Artie Hobson

I’m just curious if you’ve ever dealt with any for-profit-anything.

For example, does anyone else reading this remember when you paid for cable because it didn’t have advertisements? There were no adverts, because the paid-subscriptions paid for the service. Now you pay for the service, and there are adverts, because the market will support it. We’re all used to advertisements, after all…

The American Healthcare market is similarly broken. Our costs (and insurance premiums) keep going up because the insurance companies negotiate complicated labyrinthine reporting schemas that require specialized training in every doctors office and hospital to get paid, so the providers have to increase their service prices, not for increased service, but for increased overhead and administrative training. Each insurance company has their own codes, their own processes and their own exemptions, with very little oversight, so every year, things get more complicated, and more expensive.

And, of course, when you’re sick, you’re sick… and you pay what you have to pay to get better, to go back to work, for your child to get better, to stay alive. Or you don’t, and you get sicker, and you die sooner. And some arsehole in Washington, or on the intarwebz self-righteously says that if you didn’t have a phone, or clothes or food, or if you just worked harder and had a better job, you could have not gotten sick in the first place. Because evidently their god is a vengeful god who curses children with deadly illnesses for being not-upper-class or the wrong colour or living in the wrong state.

And I’d love to flip the privilege for a year… but it’s not going to happen. Can we just even it out instead?