Learn to Build Self-Driving Cars with Udacity
David Silver

I want to say first that I’m jumping up and down excited about this course! The requirements read like my resume: computer vision, math/cs degree, obsession with electric cars, and I’m just getting into ML/AI as my latest obsession.

At the same time, I’m also in that scared place where I’ve been out of programming for 15 years (!!) and had a demoralizing summer trying to get back into the industry with a hole in my resume the size of a housewife. :)

So I wanna ask you straight:

  1. how do I apply for tuition assistance and what are my chances?
  2. what are the criteria for getting into the class? Do I have a chance?

AI/ML needs us ladies, but I’m a bit overwhelmed by just how to go about breaking into this exciting field, aside from the slow process of doing courses online (while also studying for interviews, studying companies, and generally doing an effton of catchup…)

I really REALLY want to do this!!

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