Why you want moms to work at your company

Him: “Just frustrated with a client today. They had a problem and took too long to tell us about it. Then they claimed we gave them different specs — but here’s my email from a month ago with the right specs!”

Me: “Hmm. Sounds like something is up. Hmm. Sounds like they did something wrong and are trying to hide it — they feel guilty. This is why they took so long to tell you, and are now using false claims to put the blame on you.”

Me: “So don’t answer by proving them wrong — this will only make them more defensive. You need to make them feel safe enough to admit they were wrong so you can get accurate information. Blame is pointless at this point anyway — you’re partners and need to work through this problem.”

Him: “But I need to tell my boss right now that I had sent that email with the specs!”

Me: “Don’t prove yourself right right now! Egads, use my girl powers! I’m helping you! You guys don’t have enough women working in your company! You don’t know how to deal with tantrums! Getting mad will only make the tantrum worse!”

I was right.

This is what I do all day since I had a kid. :)

Men sometimes act like two little kids fighting. Women act like the mom, intervening calmly.

You want moms to do that at work.