Kiera Payne: WWU Fairhaven Community 2k16

Defining my place:

I am a Freshman on the WWU campus and I live in a complex (Fairhaven) and there is a space provided there for western students (mainly freshman) that other dorms on campus also share, and that space is the Fairhaven lounge. This space is for hanging with friends, watching TV, and all sorts of activities that the western campus may hold there.

What the Fairhaven complex is really about:

The Fairhaven complex is are referred too as stacks (because we live on top of each other). The stack that I live in is more than just your usual hangout lounge. There is something more important that the lounge provides us with. and that is the sense of community!

when I arrived at the Fairhaven community at western, I was in search for community, and was very lucky that I found it. As a person of color at a predominately white school, I found it hard to fit in at first. Surprisingly, though my stack has a lot of diversity. The people that hangout in the lounge are socially, ethnically, and culturally diverse, that you learn a little bit about everyone’s lives. I have found close friends living in my stack and I love that I didn’t even have to try, because a lounge like that brings strangers together.

My place in the broader sense:

My stack lounge can be compared to other places around the Bellingham community for instance we have a underground coffee house on campus and it another place for anyone seeking community. The reason being that at the underground coffeehouse its just like lounge except you have live performances on stage and purchasable coffee provided. Its a great way to socialize and have some fun. For the people that perform often at the underground you’ll find that they keep a community of people around them, because they are there often. A place like the underground and my stack is compared to any other place around the world because places like this are held for people seeking community and social interactions.

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