Brands as Publisher

Humans have told stories in a wide variety of ways in order to share knowledge. Today, social media enable us to continue the tradition of storytelling.

Storytelling is critical for every business, in all of fields, because every company have important information to share. Products and services are stories. News and research are stories. Customers love them and, so, they love companies tell these stories.

Which is best way to engage users with a story?

It seems that wins the company that succeeds to tell story in a narrative way, without claim or strong promotion tone. Companies must encourage customers to partecipate to their stories, becoming co-creator of products and services they’ll buy. Consumers expect high quality content.

Every media houses different stories. Every story, therefore, have to respect the rules of that media and have to express originality. The key is the integration of multiple communication channel. It is hard, but it is business critical.

Stories, contents, channels and formats have at last obey to corporate strategies defined at the beginning of everything. Tacticts belong to master strategy.

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