The convergence of Social Network and CRM

Photo credit: Sean MacEntee

Traditional CRM is about collecting and managing customer data. Customers are on social media. You simply need a strategy for customer engagement there, where people talk about your brand (and not only your brand).

Traditional CRM is sales-driven.

Social CRM is conversation-driven.

Sales believe to conversation. You should conversate before selling. You have to sell after conversation.

Traditional CRM transform lead into customer.

Social CRM turns your customer into ambassadors, amplifying your communication.

In my honest opinion, there isn’t war between Traditional and Social CRM, but the second one drives the first in this new digital and social media age.

If you want to succed, your organization has to change, promoting close collaboration with customers and partners, improving customer centricity of all business processes.

In this world dominated by CRM, Social and Traditional CRM are designed to be merged.