I am definitely not talking about a creative block. Rather to the contrary. I got some “material” that encouraged me both to creation and action but I actually do not like this kind of source of inspiration.

I eat vegan food. Yes I am also one of those who have seen Cowspiracy and made some changes in their diet. By doing so, I did feel like I have become part of a community that through everyday actions and choices demonstrates that they mean it seriously with this planet. I love to follow various vegan communities especially the way they can joke about themselves and their veggies.

I love and I am incredibly thankful to all the entrepreanual minds who are coming up with new and new vegan products and restaurants.

The primary reason to be a vegan is usually not health. It is a wonderful side effect but the majority chooses to skip animal products due to the impact the animal agriculture has on our society and mainly on our PLANET.

For that reason, I am making an assumption, that those who choose to eat vegan food actually ARE interested in a sustainable life. That is why I was very concerned when I started seeing alcohol products in an Instagram feed of a vegan restaurant. I get it. It is a restaurant. They want customers and they want profit so they choose to serve alcohol products but why to promote it is enthusiastically?

Alcohol production is devastating for this planet. The water footprint of beer is 298 litres of water per litre of beer. This means that one glass of beer (250 ml) costs 74 liters. The water footprint of a wine is 870 litre of water per liter of wine. This means that one glass of wine (125 ml) costs 110 liters of precious water. What is interesting to mention is that there are several places where alcohol is produced and at the same time people hardly have (or do not have at all) access to drinking water. Just look at California, Nile river or the activities of Diageo (the largest liquor producer in the world) in Kenya. That is why I was very concerned when I saw posts promoting alcoholic bevarages by Vegan Urban Kitchen to celebrate… and now wait for it… Earth Day.

The alcohol industry has already noticed that veganism is becoming a trend. It is not about a few underdogs anymore who want to clean their karma or who have some flimsy visions about this planet. It is celebrities, athletes and many many people from different mainstream areas of life who choose a plant-based diet and celebrate their vegan choices. It is not a surprise (though still disturbing) that the alcohol industry wants to be associated with this new popular wave. They want to be associated with the shift towards human and planetary health, as it is picking up momentum. That’s the most logical marketing step they can take. It would be marketing suicide if they would not jump on the vegan band wagon. I do not expect from the industry to do otherwise.

But alcohol promotion on Earth day by a vegan account is a rather unfortunate combination so I commented.

I wrote something in the spirit: “you guys, the water footprint of alcohol is immense so it is really not that cool to celebrate Earth Day by promoting the booze. I am sure this is more of an awareness issue. You are doing great job. Love ya!” And I really meant it. As I said — I do appreciate everyone who makes vegan food more available and attractive.

I do not recall the exact sentences and I can not just check it out as the comment got deleted. Which surprised me a lot of course. I did not feel I was attacking or offending anyone. When the next post appeared…

I could not just watch it so I asked: “Are you guys supported by an alcohol company?”

And that’s when my account got blocked from Vegan Urban Kitchen Instagram feed.

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The Vegan Urban Kitchen is of course not the only one.

What I think is really a shame when a positive trend is abused to promote a product that causes so much harm. The companies producing a substance that kills 3.3 million people a year and depleting scarce water resources in the countries where access to water is already very limited, in my opinion, do not match the values of the vegan community that is trying to save lives and planet. I do not believe that the vegan community actually wants to be associated with such a product. I would say that it is about lack of awareness concerning the impact of alcohol on the planet.

Blocking my account (which from a simple check you would understand is not a robot or a troll) means to me two things:

1. The account owner either does not care for the idea behind veganism and is just one of those who decided to capitalize on the idea and profit from this trend.

2. OR The owner recognizes the problem but does not believe in his/her product strongly enough and needs to promote alcoholic beverges to attract customers.

3. Yeah and then we have a combination of the two above.

So I have been blocked which made me think and want to understand this much better. I have a question to the vegan community. Where does the limit lie for efforts to protect the planet, animals and humans?

Originally published at Drink Revolution.

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