MailTrap makes Email Test easy and safe.

I found good email test service, MailTrap.


When I send email as a test on my application, I’m always very carefully. Sometimes I need to switch recipients from actual data to dummy data.

But MailTrap solves this problem.

MailTrap prepares dummy inbox with SMTP and POP.

MailTrap prepares SMTP, POP3.

I only change the setting and authentication. Following example is changing SMTP from SendGrid to MailTrap.

Properties prop = new Properties();
//Change SMTP From SendGrid To MailTrap
//prop.put("", "");
prop.put("", "");
prop.put("mail.smtp.port", 2525);
Transport.send(msg, "user", "password");

If I send an email to my actual recipients, it’s no problem. MailTrap captures the mail and never send to recipients.

After sending email, MailTrap capture the data.

You can also check raw data.

I’m pretty amazed that MailTrap output the spam report by SpamAssasin.

You can easily get inbox data through MailTrap API. Nice!

Have a good email testing!