Benefits of Living Off-Campus

There are some real positive reasons in choosing to live off campus during your time in college

The first thing is the food, we all love our choice of food. Ever university and dorms have different food situations. Some may have a kitchen so you can get food close by, but if you end up not liking the food that the kitchen serves is a problem. If you are a picky eater than this could be a problem as well, and some students may have dietary needs, and sometimes they have both. They would then have to go out and find food around campus, if they have food around, and if they do, they may be quite far away. And you wants to leave their dorm lake at night. The last option would be making your own food, but you may not be in the mood for easy to make foods. So living off-campus provides you with more options. If you live in an apartment you will most likely have more cooking options, such as a stove and an oven. If you had dietary needs you can just make your own food, and actually good food, not microwavable foods.You may live near better place to get food than on campus if you do choose to go out to eat. Or you may be living at home with your family, which I would you assume you would have homemade meals with your family.

Being off-campus you would have much more freedom. This can be good or bad, depending on your character. You can choose to go out to restaurants, and other activities. Just having that feeling of freedom can actually help with stress. Being around other students all the time can make you more stressed out. You can simply choose what to do around home, you can choose to play video games, or watch a movie, or listen to music at a high volume. Constantly thinking out the people around you could be frustrating, and it can create stress.

Living off-campus can also feel more rewarding as you become an adult. Living with a ton of other students might not feel like adult life, relating back to the feeling of freedom. Having more freedom you can have that adulthood experience.

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