Issues That Commuters May Have

The first, and most obvious issue is being motivated to get up in the morning and actually going to class. Staying motivated can be really hard, especially as college goes on.

The other problem is trying to schedule how your going to get to the college. There are a ways , depending on where your college is, you can choose to just drive straight down to the college, take the bus, or by taking the train. You can also do a few of these at once. For example, you can drive to the bus stop, take the bus to the city, which is easier to get through the traffic, then you can take the train to the college. The buses are really consistent, however, there are unplanned events. The bus could get into an accident, and a new bus would have to be sent out. This is a real issue that could make you late for class and it makes you stressed out. This is even more of an issue if you live in somewhere that has snow in the winter. If you do decide to drive you still may have problems trying to find a parking spot on campus.

You will also find yourself with a lot of time on your hands if you don’t schedule your classes back to back from each other. You will end up having an hour or more between classes. Another kind of annoying problem is when your not informed that your class was cancelled and you commuted at the way to the class. And if you have a full schedule you will end up carrying all of your books around the campus, it gets hard for those who have a large campus.

Then there is the issue of trying to get involved when you spend most of your time off campus. It’s difficult to find a schedule that fits with all of your classes and your activities and clubs that you choose. And spending time with family as that’s usually who you are living with when you decide to commute. You will feel unmotivated to get involved because you have to commute just to go to a club meeting. This can make it too easy to float through your four years of college.

Also going on the lines of socializing, seeing all of your friends pictures on social media of them having fun in their dorm rooms or any other events. For some people this would become annoying after a while. You may also find yourself not “fitting in” because you don’t share the same living arrangement, so it’s harder to get to know people. This could also include getting to know your own professors. Having to commute just to go to office hours could discourage people.

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