Andela Boot-camp magic

It is day 2 of cohort xvii boot camp and the feeling of ‘I got this’ has just started to set in. Not saying i am a 100% about everything but i am 100% that growing in this environment is inevitable.

After spending day 1 at spire with my fellow boot-campers and our LFAs, it is clear that the mindset to be great in the world of developers is real. The ambiance at the dojo, to start with ,was pretty amazing. Well, I have never seen such a morning warm-up anywhere but Andela. It creates a feel of fun and possibility. A feeling of Nescafe- kick starting your day, i definitely need to start my days this way.

The day went pretty smooth after that, i actually got to learn, engage and grasp a lot in a single day from the material that was presented. It was a whole sum of idea-sharing and getting to pick other people’s brains on how to code better.

It’s day 2 and let’s say i’m pretty excited to get coding. Today, the learning and growing continues at home but with my teammates a slack away, i’m pretty confident it will go smoothly. The day did come with it’s challenges but at the end of it all. I got to learn more about GitHub and programming logic.

Happy coding people :-).

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