Day 3: Andela Bootcamp Experience

Today came with its own challenges, challenges that broadened my way of thinking and increased my need to collaborate with my teammates, others and the internet.

The tasks at hand were not for a person with no belief they can do it and not for one who lacks self-drive. I have almost 4 months of experience which made me appreciate everyone in the programming world. It also made me learn that every day is a new learning experience no matter how knowledgeable one is.

I appreciate my teammates and the vast knowledge that the internet provides. Day 3, what can I say? The challenge you came with brought me a new way to view software development and a tear in my eye once i cracked that final code.

I am now looking forward to tomorrow’s challenge and all the other challenges to come. Well, if it doesn’t break you, it makes you a better programmer.

Happy coding.