“Bot” is a hilariously over-simplified buzzword. Let’s fix that.
Matt Galligan

I’ve got one potential bot category to add. You named the “scripted bot,” the “AI bot,” and the “Agent-assisted bot.”

I wish I could remember where I read this recently, but I can’t take credit for it and I’m not sure to whom I should attribute the credit (was it a Microsoft Build presentation?).

Nevertheless, there are likely a category of bots that will only interact with other bots. Similar to the way that a web browser is our interface to interact with a web app, but a web service is how that web app interacts with other web apps or grabs data from third-parties. This category of bot is more similar to the web service.

It’s not built to handle a conversation with a human. It’s built to handle an interaction with another bot, perhaps M or Siri or Alexa or Cortana. We, the human, might ask Alexa to recommend a restaurant for dinner. Alexa would then ask the DinnerRatings bot to find the top restaurants near our zip code with open tables that night, and she’d broker the conversation.

Perhaps we should call these behind-the-scenes bots something like “service bots.” What do you think?

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