How Would You Like to Die?

By R. Zamora Linmark

Empty-handed or fully-loaded?
Fleeing or petrified?
If you run, you extend fate
by a few blocks.
If you don’t, more time to kill,
asking God of His whereabouts.
Either or, we are in charge
of your fate, caught on CCTV,
or livestreamed,
like tonight’s eclipse
eclipsed by rain and blood.
Either or, your death
belongs to us.
It is our property,
as are your parents
and neighbors.
Any last message to your mother
slaving away in Saudi
and your father, at home
this very moment, waiting
with your cold dinner
and school supplies?
Tell us.
Most of all,
how do you want the bullets
to enter your body?
From the back?
Through the lungs?
Behind the left ear?
Between the eyes?
You decide.
That is the beauty of it all.

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