Why there is something rather than nothing?

I came across this question while I was searching for problems that philosophy solved for mankind. It is one of the unsloved ones, There are many theories giving answers, only partial. Though I am not a master of philosophy (certainly a student), So here I present you my thoughts on the question.

To answer any question, we need to know what the words in the question mean. What does something mean? (I assume you all know what it does mean in general sense.) What does nothing mean? (You know😄), But let me try to define them, Anything tangible,visible or occupys space is something,on the contrary anything that is intangible, invisible is nothing.

Here’s an analogy, Do we see black on white background or white on dark background?

“What is not seen is as though it did not exist... it was light that first caused all creation to shine forth.” — Baltasar Gracian. (1601-1658)

What if nothing is something that cannot be seen from where we are now. What if we are not acknowledging nothing, beacuse we don’t know what it is completely or where to search for it. If we do find nothing, then does it become something.

I know all this seems silly, but did you ever question why this world is the way it is? Why does stars compose of all the gaseous matter? why does even everything exist?