Laser Audit Reporting System — Most Trusted Audit Management Software in India

sushil killedarpatil
Jun 5 · 3 min read

Laser Audit Reporting System also popularly known as the LARS is a software system that keeps in charge of the audit lifecycle by creating a disciplined, organized and steady process for the internal audit management system. It helps in audit scheduling, automated reminders, audit planning, task escalations, field work, work papers, and audit repositories. It is the latest Audit Management Software in India in a more simple and facile format and gives an insight into the business of its strength and weakness. It is greatly used by the medium and large companies, internal auditors, external auditors, and CPA firms.

The advanced features of LARS help users to trace and pursue audits which are planned, completed, ongoing, unplanned and cancelled audits across many areas. It also gives an opportunity for the users to assign tasks, specific due and end dates to particular auditors. They remain in touch with the proceeding audits and status by location modified dashboard and thus, it is the finest Audit management solution. The web-based solution helps you in planning the annual audits, scheduling it, creating work papers, viewing audit programs, finding or tracking observations.

Documentation, audit activities outlined in work papers and many more activities can be done in Laser Audit Reporting System. The auditors are given much freedom and movement and can improve findings with reference to policies, Controls, and procedures. It comes with document management which gives opportunities to the users to share different types of files like the Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, Outlook Message and GIF files. With the assistant of Laser Audit Reporting System, all the audit files can be kept in one place and can be shared easily anytime.

The innovative features of Laser Audit Reporting System help to survey, examine and inspect the common mistakes which are easily overlooked. It has the potentiality to scan and detect the progress of internal audit projects fairly and assign auditees with the interface online service to get their views and responses. It performs as a receptacle where data and documentation can be easily redeemed. It has in-fact set a benchmark in the organizations for the standardized audit reporting system.

Advantages of the Laser Auditing Reporting System :

· It saves time and effort.

· It initiates a transparent, centralized and uniform process.

· The work gets completed much faster with the involvement of many auditees.

· Operational productivity has been increased.

· It is simple to understand and easy to use.

· The support from Laser Audit Reporting System team is excellent and flexible in customization.

· It brings together the Auditees, Auditors, and management concertedly.

Laser Audit Reporting System stands higher in advantages compared to its disadvantages. The only drawback is the formatting while exporting as it takes much time. Other than that, it is complete software with great features. Laser Audit Reporting System offers a complete status of enduring audits at all locations. You can also take the help of the support team who are readily available 24/7 to solve the problems at the earliest.

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