American Horror Story: The Cecil Hotel
Josh Dean

You did a very good job here Josh. I very much enjoyed thoroughly reading this.. It put an end to my endless curiosity. In retrospect, I personally believe she got mixed up in something much deeper… But I don’t post most of my theories… They are, after all, only theories. Weird thing about theories though. Sometimes they are correct. And posting correct theories can make you a target for an unfathomable amount of grief. You are in many ways an outstanding journalist. You convey a part of yourself in your stories and make them your own. Keep up the good work man… It takes a very rare sense of empathy to do what you do. I’ve been profiling murders for years, and i’ve published most of my findings anonymously giving whole new aspects to the profiles of various unsolved cases. Many of those are now solved pending some weeks after the fact. For instance the Gilgo Beach Strangler. Getting into the minds of Killers is rather easy. Getting into the mind of a victim be it of a killer or oneself.. that’s just hard.

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