Put your docker images on a diet

When running docker images you’ll see the following, images weighting several hundred of MBs. Even simple container, providing one singe service are heavy. Why ? Because base images used, such as Ubuntu, Centos and Debian images are themselves very heavy.

Images based on busybox could have been an alternative, but is too far from full-featured linux OSes, we’re used to. And building images from busybox aren’t straighforward, and often requires compilation from source.

Let me introduce Alpine linux, a lightweight Linux distribution. Alpine linux popularity is increasing among the docker community. Once discovered, people are rebasing their Dockerfile with it, and are amazed how simple the switch was. I started using Alpine long before it became official on DockerHub and started creating my own php/nginx/mariadb/container, instead of using the heavy official ones.

Several images using Alpine as a base are available on DockerHub and their number are increaseing. My own build are publicly available on DockerHub. Feel free to use and fork them on Github.

Originally published at h4md1.fr.

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