No You Can’t : Why I’m Still Crying Over Hillary Clinton’s Loss.
Eirene Donohue

We are her!

You’re right. That’s why it’s still hurting deeply in my heart and soul. But, just #like when I was a kid, I refuse to let them see me cry, I refuse to give them the satisfaction. But that deep down hurt has to come out somewhere and since I’m not a kid, unfortunately, I can’t give them all a black eye!

So, what does that leave me, “we,” to do with this hurt and rage when, “We the People,” voted and the candidate with the most popular votes did not win the Presidency! No! Mrs. Clinton won the popular vote by historical numbers (2.5 million more and counting) over Mr. Trump.

I refuse to drink the poison (hate) and expect Trump and his supporters to die. They would be gleeful, even giddy with delight knowing how much power we’re giving them by acknowledging that we’re still feeling that open-hand slap across our face like an abused woman who’s too afraid to tell anyone.

What can we do to feel better? Do we fight harder than ever to channel this rage and deep hurt into something positive? What would happen if we collectively, at the same time open our mouths wide and scream as loud as possible?

Would that glass ceiling explode into a billion pieces and prick Trump, his cronies and supporters? Would they notice the tiny shards that kept falling until their lying hate-spewed views and ethically proven cheating, died slowly by a 1,000 cuts?

In the jungle it’s not the huge, scary animals with the loud roars that truly get into your head. You can light a little fire and make some noises back and keep them at bey. No, it is the little gnats and swarms of mosquitoes that constantly, consistently and persistently buzz in your head and take tiny bite after tiny bite until you go madd.

Trump and a handful of loud, arrogant, childish but scary misogynistic, racist, homophobic, arrogant, entitled, millionaires and billionaires can be driven back to the bottom of the swamp Trump “drained.”

How? Perhaps by uniting like those swarms of gnats and mosquitoes, (powerful, constant, consistent, diligent and fiercely persistent) through social media and phone calls, being vocal by writing anywhere and everywhere (especially to your local government officials), marching and talking about the facts and dispelling lies Trump can make up on the spot.

Then, start educating ourselves on who Trump surrounds himself with and who he picks to be in his cabinet. Truly look these people up on non-partisan websites and know who they are and what that stand for and against, and their affiliations. Those who are in politics, check out how they voted on issues of concern.

Know your enemy well with factual details and challenge every possible piece of legislation, law, or bill, that threaten: the 1st amendment, equal rights of ALL citizens regardless of race, religion, sexuality, gender, transgender, pro-choice, immigrants, refugees and the disenfranchised.

Let’s make our voices heard and make them aware that we are all watching everything they do! I’m in! Who’s going to join me?

Nicole Killion

#the mission #scream #glass ceiling

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