The trip to Maine feels like ancient history and the seriousness of diabetes management is starting to blur into the background noise of the day-to-day urban hustle. I took a short-but-sweet Palm Springs vacation with friends to disconnect and recharge. If you’re playing the long game you need to take breaks.

Liz, Dave, me

With twenty days of blood glucose measurement data we can put together trends and understand what types of dietary changes are going to be necessary to manage diabetes. Leveraging the aggregated data from the Heads Up Health platform, we used Excel to lay out a report with easy-to-understand insights and near-term goals based on current progress.

The following report highlights the late-night eating habits that appear to lead to higher glucose levels in the fasting period. The report also shows which foods lead to glucose spikes in the post-postprandial (after meals) readings. …

Stepping off a small plane in Portland, Maine on April 5th, 2017, I arrived to find an anxiously awaiting mother who was happy to see me. The last time I had visited Maine was in early November, 2016 when my younger brother’s daughter Kelsey was born.

I brought a few pieces of knowledge on diabetes management I picked up through my own research and from my friends who have experience working with diabetes.

A special thank you goes out to my great friend Dave Korsunsky for the knowledge dump over a few glasses of bourbon before my departure from San…

The call

I’m walking home from the office after a fun week at work. It’s Friday night, March 24, when I get a phone call from my Mom. We do the usual catch up, I run through my going-on’s, and then ask her how she’s doing. She confesses that after much prodding from me to see a doctor about her declining health she finally did. Biopsies, tests and examinations debunk my original hypothesis she had a respiratory disease that would have explained her onset of daily coughing fits that started about a year ago after she quit smoking. …

Nick Hutchins

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