may 19, 2017

every one of my attempts at journaling has flopped but i think this time it’ll be more meaningful to me as i start a new chapter of my life. so here’s another attempt!

i think having a running log of the events of my life and my emotional reactions to them all will provide some key insight on how my outlook changes and hopefully how to improve it too; previous attempts at journaling ended up being either depressingly pessimistic in an excuse to “vent” or disingenuously optimistic, so this time i’m going to try to keep these updates as realistic as possible. i decided now would be a good time to start a “journal” because right now begins my transition from adolescence to independence. hopefully introspection is a good enough incentive for me to sit down and write for a little while every now and then.

ideally i’ll have some organizational system for this page but i think it’ll mostly just be a platform for creative blurbs, like all my journals are. here’s hoping!

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