Nice — an understatement

Welcome back to my Medium guys! As the cold season approaches, I’m really reminiscing on my summer trip. Today’s article will be a reflection piece on my trip to Nice, France. “Nice” would probably be the biggest understatement to describe this gem of a city. Our trip to Nice was a total of 2 days.


We had taken the night train into the city from Paris and arrived at 8am and found ourselves on the beach by 9am. The beach in Nice was absolutely beautiful. It was so different compared to Ottawa beaches. The beach was extremely clean and the water was so clear! There was also no sand as we were just sitting on rocks. In Nice the beaches are composed of galets (smooth pebbles) —highly suggest you brace yourself for how sore the bottom of your foot will be after stepping on those rocks all day. But when we went to the beach in Villefranche, the beach was composed of shale. But the beach strip was so beautiful as the buildings were very close to the beach and you could see them while sitting on the beach.

Sunset Views

After spending our day catching some rays, we had dinner and then went for a walk before the sun set. We decided to trek up to one of the highest points to catch the beautiful sunset. The photo to the left was what we saw when hiking up. Highly suggest hiking after dinnertime when the weather starts to cool down.

Fun fact: we actually saw a proposal on our way up to the top and we have footage of it in the Europe 2017 Youtube video (check it out if you haven’t here). It was actually so precious. 15/10 — Extremely wholesome sight and may have also shed a tear or two from how cute it was.

Extra Photos


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