{21} Tomorrow I will drive for six hours so that maybe…maybe…things will be better.

For those of you In The Know, stuff hasn’t been going so great here. Nothing terrible, just…not so great. So we’re trying to move which requires securing a job from afar. So we’ve been driving a lot to where we want to be, which is a good three hours in each direction.

It’s unfun.

I’m not a fan of that feeling that moving will make everything better. I know that running away solves everything for a little while, and then, at the end of the day, you’re left with the same shit to deal with. Your ish is still your ish — no matter where you are.

In this case, it’s a matter of opportunity. There’s nothing here. No other jobs, no schools, no coffee less than 45 minutes a way, for chrissake. So tomorrow, we’ll drive three hours up and three hours back and the gf will do two interviews and we’ll hope that this time will be the last time, that the next time we’ll be actually moving. Because damn, this is getting old fast.