{4?} Stupid mountain interwebs….

Well, I have successfully returned from vacation, reclaimed my spot on the couch, the dog is snoozing on his pile of beds, and the great British bake off is playing on repeat (don’t judge me). I wrote while away but due to the spotty internet connection in our tiny mountain apartment, they are locked in another computer and I’m insanely lazy right now…still a bit snoozy and not ready to start thinking about life quite yet. My dog is cuddly and missful and I always forget how much I love my bed, fur-covered and slightly too small though it is.


Also, I’m still reeling from the premier of American Gods. I’m sorry, but this is going to be a recurring topic, methinks. I forced mom and the gf to listen to the audiobook on the drive down and back up to NC. Not sure mom got it, but thankfully, gf is now on board with this book that has shaped so much of me since I first read it all those years ago. I’ve never quite been so taken by a tv show, and I’m not gonna lie: I cried after the first episode. It was beautiful. Not perfect in that it mimicked the book, not even perfect in the sense that it plucked images out of my mind — although Wednesday is perfect. But it is beautiful in its own right, paced in tandem with the book while creating its own timeline as per the necessity of translating such a complex story to film. And I can’t wait. It’s like…somehow this massive validation that they’ve invested the time and money and love and thought into something that I love so much.

I don’t often see much of myself in the mainstream, I suppose. It’s a new feeling. I can’t yet say that it’s wholly positive but…it’s different.