{57} Things I thought about writing about on this, the most depressing of days .

For those following along in the scintillating drama that is my life, the gf got turned down for yet another job that she was told she was perfect for. This, as you might imagine, is soul crushing, energy draining, and a whole bunch of bullshit. If you happen to be reading this and are someone who hires or finds potential hires for another company, do me a solid and don’t tell people that they’re going to be getting an offer until you fucking know that they’re getting an offer. Because I’m so fucking tired of almost packing my house and I have a room full of boxes and y’know, traveling to your bullshit interviews isn’t free. Just sayin’.

Anyway. I now present you with the things I almost wrote about tonight, but didn’t.

  • Things I pulled out from under the couch because Malachai was insisting there was something precious that he absolutely needed under there. (Hint: all of my socks.)
  • Reasons why the gf hates the people on Chopped.
  • Reasons why I hate the people on Cupcake Wars.
  • Reasons why I feel totally justified to unfriend/block people but don’t because then I’ll feel bad.
  • Shaving my head again: pros and cons
  • Why tattoos are a great substitute when drugs and alcohol are no-goes.
  • Why people should stop reading reviews of American Gods and insisting that it’s not good before they watch it. Seriously, people. It’s not gonna be GoT.