{58} Sometimes cool things happen.

So one of the cool things that can happen sometimes is that if you know a really cool tattoo artist, they might sometimes be all like, “Hey, I want to make my own art on someone. Anyone wanna donate skin?” And sometimes, in spite of everything else kinda going pear shaped, you might get honored with being stabbed repeatedly with tiny needles loaded with ink for the sake of pretty skin art that you never, in a million years, thought you would be able to wear.

Let’s be clear: I am wholly not cool enough to have this giant leg piece going on. I’m barely cool enough to sit for it — fourth tattoo, none of them small, and I was a cringing, grimacing baby for this one. Calf ink is no joke, people. And so I’m sitting here, basking in the afterglow/aftercare of a serious ink day (protein, chocolate, and lots of bubbly water), being generally overwhelmed by getting to wear some seriously kick ass art.

Pix to come…it’s a bit angry and I just fell asleep.