Ned Rollo

Do you know, just yesterday, gf called me outside to try and catch a bird — a tiny grey thing — whose wing had been shredded, probably by a cat. She was fast, far too fast, and found a little hollow full of leaves down a cliff that we couldn’t get to. And there was a moment…honestly…where I thought I could save her.

We left her, and when we came back she was gone. I’m sure one of the crows…

I know it’s all probably myth, but I believe in the laying of hands. I believe in reiki and that love is tangible.

I have yet to see it save anyone, though. Or anything.

But I’m glad that the rabbit died in the warmth of your hands, rather than alone and cold. Maybe sometimes that’s all we can give?

And yes…rest. I don’t know if you have the change of seasons at all, or if they’re happening yet, but fall is slipping in here and that’s most of why I’m tired, probably. The nights are cool and I want to hibernate.