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I can’t wait until we have property we can actually plant things on. I want a wild english garden, overgrown and strangling itself with itself. I want to stand on the porch and throw seeds into the wind, and see what colors come up and when. I want arbors and pergolas straining under the weight of vines. And a bench, right in the middle, and a fountain, where I can read and eat frozen oreos and drink sangria.

I also want neat little raised beds of vegetables and herbs because NOTHING is better than fresh basil. Nothing. And anyone who says differently has no soul and/or has never had my pasta sauce with herbed ricotta and fresh basil.

And, yes, trees. Trees for days. With bird feeders (hummingbirds!!) and fountains and bat houses.

But…right now I’m in the process of killing all of my new miniature rose plants for some unknown reason so…

Also, though, there are great succulents at Home Depot or Lowes (which, I know, I know, are evil but I’m poor and want growing things, so…) and seriously if you DO NOT water them, they are happy. Ours our thriving beyond belief under a florescent light. And never underestimate the value of peace lilies and pathos…they tell you when to water them!