Stop. Stop.
Danna Colman

I know. I know! It’s crazy and it makes me feel like I’m fishing for compliments — I’m really not. I seriously think that if someone came up to me with empirica, non-biased, peer-reviewed evidence of my non-suckage, I’d look at it, be really psyched for a second, and then become convinced that the literary equivalent of big pharma was somehow involved. Or something.

I more wanted to just say it last night because I’m totally aware of how ridiculous it is, first of all, and also…and this is hard…but I’m trying to remember that it’s ok if I’m not the best at something. Which is the danger in publishing here — there are so many of you who are objectively *amazing* writers. Like…scary.


Thank you so much for this. You have no idea. I’m book marking it to read when I get all flipped out again, like, tomorrow. :p