This article is great and everything that you have gone through and others that have gone through…
mohammed awan

It’s a point, definitely. But if you look at it, what I’m saying is that I know all men aren’t predators, but sometimes I have to behave in ways that allow for that fact that they might be. Which is actually more a statement about my experience than about the intents or attitudes of men, if that makes sense?

I think a lot about how stereotypes are evolutionarily protective — in the wild, you learn quickly to generalize about what equals ‘danger’, or you don’t survive. As humans, we’re kind of wrestling with those survival mechanisms and the effects of our frontal cortex which allow us to analyze, carry concepts of good vs. bad, etc. So…my evolutionary drive to not be hurt tells me to grab for my keys or walk a little faster when I hear footsteps behind me in the dark. My frontal cortex allows me to not treat all men like they’re dangerous.

The attitudes toward different races in this country is something I’m not even willing to touch on until I can give it the proper attention, but please know that I find any situation wherein generalizations cause harm to another person abhorrent. (I recognize that this is tricky because I’m sure many men are hurt when a woman reacts defensively “just in case”; however, I hope we can agree that a generally protective act like grabbing for keys is less damaging than, for example, walking into a church with an assault rifle? At the very least, a protective act can be discussed and contextualized and is based in survival, rather than hatred — which seems like a distinction worth keeping in mind?)