Oh my god, thank you so much.
Isis Nelson

It’s been a terrible few years. I don’t know if things are actually escalating or if it’s just more immediate…obviously I know that the racially motivated or biased violence has always been there, but the voices are much, much louder. Sadly, on both sides.

I keep writing and deleting what I want to say to you…I remember bombs going off at queer nightclubs when I was a kid and that cold feeling of dread that came with it. But that, as horrifying as it was, pales in comparison to what’s happening now. I can’t even fathom…

I want to tell you that sometimes the world just feels like this…out of control and about to dissolve into madness, and that it always comes back. I just can’t believe that right now myself. But there *are* people fighting the descent. So maybe we can take at least a small comfort in that?

And do take care of yourself…it’s the hardest thing. Be with people who *see* you as much as you can. Get offline (she said, from her internet connecred phone). Also: ice cream and/or chocolate, fluffy things, and loud music. ❤