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Classical Sass

It’s definitely a new frontier. And internet “fame” happens so fast and is so fleeting. When I wrote the response to the Brock Turner bullshit, I had 11 followers. A month later, I had over 3000. It was crazy. Now, I get like, a few new followers a week. If I’m lucky. And no, it’s impossible to know how manage it — like, at first, I was trying to respond to everything, and then that became just a joke. And then, I was only trying to respond to like…stories. But after awhile, even that was just way too much. And I didn’t want to be avoidant to criticisms, but when people were just like “You’re stupid and don’t understand anything about anything”, I decided to just ignore them. At least in writing.

I cried a lot during those two weeks.

And on top of it, I’m a believer in credentials, so “fame” (or whatever we want to call it) that came because I wrote something when I was upset, barely edited, and didn’t work for…well…it felt really empty.

Layers, indeed.