Ned Rollo


you goon.

I’m pretty sure most of them are bots, but it was a kind of cool number to reach?

And I only interact with, like, ten of you so…no. Definitely not famous. Definitely not getting a big head, and NO to two word interactions. Absolutely not.

But I do very much appreciate that even a small portion of that number might find some value in the stuff I put out here, which is the only reason I addressed it. Even if you ten are the only ten that are real people…so much appreication. Because I was getting really tired and crazy, sitting in my living room and sending my thoughts out into the ether, getting nothing back, like…ever.

As hermetic as I may be, I’m insanely grateful for finding you guys. Really, really, really truly.

And yes, you can say you knew me when. ;)