Meaning in the Mundane {15}: I’m allergic to life and also, repotting plants is therapeutic.

I am currently in the midst of the worst kind of allergic attack (aside from the kind that can, you know, kill you, but hey, I’m just gonna chill here with my hyperbole if that’s ok…) wherein suddenly, for no apparent reason, I become completely stuffy/runny nosed, sneezy, achey, awful. Just because. And so this will be short, because the benedryl is beckoning me to a land of hopefully sneezeless slumber. Hopefully.

The thing I was going to write about before I decided to become air intolerant was that over the past few weeks, the gf has begun to collect cacti and succulents. It’s the first time she’s really been engaged with plants in any real way — repotting, watching them grow, really looking at the different kind of root systems — and it’s been a joy to watch. I can see that she feels very protective of her brood, anxiously asking if I’ve watered them and then making sure that I know that “they really don’t want water!” and also that one of them “will get sunburned if I move him too close to the window, but not to move him too far from the plant light because he needs light!” (Our plants are all little guys and dudes. I have some purple and silver leafed ones that I think are drag queens, so I mostly tell them that they’re fierce and leave the pronouns out of it.)

::pause for excessive sneezing fit; thank gf for buying all the cool touch tissues when they were on sale::

Sorry. Back.

The point is this: get your hands dirty. Plant things — especially if you have the land to do so, which I don’t and am sad about. And if you don’t have land, cram your window sills with green, living things — there are some that are nearly impossible to kill, really. Because I’m a pro at killing plants. Lots of cacti and succulents will only die if you water them. Really. Plant food if you can — lettuce and potatoes are stupid easy. But just plant stuff. It’s meditative, fosters empathy, and makes your house pretty.

I gotta go get another box of tissues now.