Meaning in the Mundane {35}: Connection.

Never do a google image search for spider webs. Even “beautiful spider webs”. Just…don’t.

There. I did it for you.

Today feels a little too real.

After yesterday’s distance, today everything feels a bit too pressing. The air’s just a little too close. Everything is far too energized.

I can’t watch anything on tv because there’s a part of me that’s convinced that whatever’s happening there is true. I’m not overemotional, but I’m emotionally raw.

On days like today, I can see patterns and connections that span far beyond what is here.

It feels crazy. Maybe it is, I don’t know.

Or maybe, that’s why so many of us write? To try to explain things we feel but cannot touch, see but cannot describe? Maybe…maybe we’re afraid of the big-ness of what we know in our bones is true, so we dance around it, writing little pieces and parts of it because the whole thing is too complex, too connected to that something larger, to each other, to that true part of ourselves..?

Or…maybe it’s 3 am and I should’ve been asleep hours ago?

Yeah. Prob’ly that.