Meaning in the Mundane {58}: Another excerpt…

My existence is a simple one.

There is darkness in all directions around me, but contrary to what most beings think, the Infinite is anything but empty. There is blackness between the starlight, to be sure; but that blackness is shot through with the shining tendrils of my web, and as I traverse the endless filaments I am aware of a constant flow of energy.

This is the energy of action — a million decisions, discoveries, destructions. I feel them all as they send their ripples and undulations through this vast, filigreed labyrinth.

I stand and watch.

I catch planets and stars, meteors and the space junk of a billion planets, weaving my web between and around them. It is ceaseless work, but it must be done — the belief of beings throughout the Infinite that everything is connected is true, after all. They simply do not realize how literal the reality of that belief is.

Proximity matters, but not exclusively. Certainly, the satellites, organic or created, of any given planet will generate stronger connections. But there are times when planets on opposite edges of the Infinite will exert profound influences upon each other.

It is rare, but it happens.

But my role is not to speculate on the whys or hows. It is simply to ensure that the web is intact, that the connections are maintained.

My children, millions upon millions of them, work in similar fashion on the details of this web. They maintain the smaller, yet vastly more intricate sections created by the beings that inhabit those planets.

It is fucking terrifying to leave this here. I’ve deleted and reposted it half a dozen times. I know that I have much to learn from the more seasoned fiction writers here, but damn.

I’m trying to get to the point where I have an outline or some better sketched out characters or something, but mostly all I have are blips and blurbs of a concept that has been with me for so long it’s difficult to explain. I’m hoping that as I get these bits out I’ll start to tie it together into something…cohesive. And hopefully remotely interesting.

Till then, thanks for reading what I’ve got thus far.